2009 Ducati Monster 696

I had the opportunity to save a neglected Ducati Monster 696 from a sad dusty life and return it to the beautiful California roads. This Monster was still with it’s original owner from new who had ridden it sparingly, but kept it under cover in an underground parking structure which saved it from deteriorating too much. My Jenius Van NV200, motorcycle recovery vehicle, easily fit down in the tight underground parking for extraction of the monster. The owner had all the paperwork from original purchase, marketing materials, owners books, keys, code card, and service history. It was like a time capsule from 2009 with only 2500 miles, but needed a good going thru before attempting to start, let alone ride. 

Monster Extraction 

New battery verified 2500 miles from new

The first step was buying a new battery, this bike has had 5 battery replacements according to the service records, hopefully this will be the last for some time. As with anything Ducati, changing the battery isn’t as easy as it should be and nearly all the plastic pieces need to come off so I gave the bike a real good detail so my hands didn’t turn black while working on it. Once changed I was relieved to see that the mileage was accurate to what the owner had stated. Although it was tempting to start the bike, the 5 year old fuel needed to be changed out so the fuel system isn’t compromised. After swapping the fuel out, changing the oil and filter, and flushing and bleeding the brakes, it was good to go. The bike fired right up, but interestingly needs a Faux “choke” lever activated to stay running when cold even though it’s fuel injected. Leave it to Ducati to keep the classic bike “charm” in a modern bike.

Plastics removed to change battery. 

Full steam and degreasing detail.
All cleaned up and ready to ride!

With the Monster growling again it was time to enjoy some riding and take in it’s beauty. The Monster is light weight with plenty of V-twin grunt and was really fun to rip through the city streets. It could probably use a little better sounding set of silencers, but it’s tried and true air cooled Italian twin motor sounds the bit. I think this would be a solid daily rider for short commutes and weekend Philz Coffee runs as the 2V is reliable and easy to maintain. It has all the nice components and Italian style for Honda money. It’s a Jenius Buy.