Cheapest Grom in America

Picked up the cheapest Honda Grom available for sale anywhere. It's been ridden hard and put away wet, but these, like most Honda's, are indestructible. This one's got 10k miles and has some experience with the asphalt, but it's all in one piece and it runs well. I've always wanted to own one of these without spending the $2000+ that owners are asking for used examples. Being the Jenius that I am finding one cheap that I can fix up myself makes the most sense.

Loaded up in the Van
Pricey upgrade hiding under the seat
Oil is clean hinting towards good maintenance habits
Carbon pipe already installed
More carbon bits on the bike

Overall it's a decent running Grom with a few nice bits added that has potential to be a fun ride in an already overflowing stable of bikes. The Grom has lots of possibilities like stunting, mini racing, kid trainer, city run about, etc. 

An easy way to find asphalt experience, under peg damage.
More experience under the brake lever

Carbon wind screen
Official Grom keychain included