Rare 2004 MV Agusta SPR F4 750

During my usual daily search I happened across a really rare MV Agusta SPR for sale that was only about 20 minutes away. These bikes were north of $20k back in 2004 money! Another cool fact is that a couple of the 300 made were used for the filming of the blockbuster movie iRobot staring Will Smith racing around on the SPR sometime in the future......Needless to say I picked it up right away and boy am I impressed! 

The SPR version of the F4 were limited to only 300 bikes, but in reality all the MV Agusta bikes of this era were limited production. What makes this model special besides the number is it's purposeful build tailored for track performance. This is basically a race bike with mirrors and lights to make it streetable. It weighs in at only about 400 lbs and has about 150hp making the SPR still relevant performance wise over 15 years later.

My plans for this beautiful machine will be to detail and service the bike and then enjoy the ride!

Loaded up in the JeniusBiker van!
SPR startup sequence
Stock trumpet pipes made by Arrow!
A whole lot crammed in there!

Cheapest Grom in America

Picked up the cheapest Honda Grom available for sale anywhere. It's been ridden hard and put away wet, but these, like most Honda's, are indestructible. This one's got 10k miles and has some experience with the asphalt, but it's all in one piece and it runs well. I've always wanted to own one of these without spending the $2000+ that owners are asking for used examples. Being the Jenius that I am finding one cheap that I can fix up myself makes the most sense.

Loaded up in the Van
Pricey upgrade hiding under the seat
Oil is clean hinting towards good maintenance habits
Carbon pipe already installed
More carbon bits on the bike

Overall it's a decent running Grom with a few nice bits added that has potential to be a fun ride in an already overflowing stable of bikes. The Grom has lots of possibilities like stunting, mini racing, kid trainer, city run about, etc. 

An easy way to find asphalt experience, under peg damage.
More experience under the brake lever

Carbon wind screen
Official Grom keychain included

Panigale 959 Corse Tidy Tail

The Ducati Panigale 959 Corse is one of the best looking sport bikes out there, but it's let down by the big plastic signal/plate holder hanging off the tail. MotoDynamics makes a nice clean kit that looks the way it should be from the factory. With the Panigale now "better than new" it's ready for the next owner to enjoy!

All cleaned up
Final look with tidy tail

Triumph Thruxton R Detail

Customer brought his Triumph Thruxton R for a full detail and header pipe cleanup. The owner mentioned that it was difficult finding someone to take on the melted plastic on the header pipes, but luckily he found the right place! Hit me up if you're ready to make your bike "better than new"

Up on the "operating" table
Pressurized degreaser to remove road grime

Road Grime and Grease coming off the Thruxton

All cleaned up and ready to ride!

Ninja 650 tidy tail

After detailing the Ninja it was time to clean up the big piece of plastic hanging off the back of the bike. 

MotoDynamics sent me a sweet little tidy tail kit that includes everything needed for a clean install including a plug and play harness for the LED plate light.
All the parts included in the kit.

Stock hunk of plastic removed.

MD kit next to stock
Nice straightforward install.
how it should come from the factory