Ninja 650

After a fun weekend riding motorcycles and eating good in LA it was time to head back so I drove to Reseda and picked up this sweet 1000 miles new Kawasaki Ninja 650. It's a 2014 with only 1,000 miles so it' hasn't been ridden much so I will give it a good once over before riding this beauty around. 

After getting back to SF we detailed the bike at Autobody Detail Specialist and then found a space in our dealership Trustworthy Motors. Chain needs a little lube before riding, but other than that everything checks out. Need to do something with the ugly OEM rear fender so stay tuned for that!

The Ninja 650 in this iteration is probably the most underrated middleweight sport tourer out there. It get fantastic gas mileage, comfy seating position, and the venerable Kawasaki 650 twin found it just about all of their middle weight bikes these days. Having owned a Versys 650 the similarities are noticeable, but the Ninja definitely looks and feels more "sporty" so a test ride in the future should be fun!

RS125 Ride to Deus

Made a motorcycle round trip to LA for delivery of the Aprilia RS125 to it's new owner and also pickup a Ninja 650 on the way back. Since my best bud lives in LA I made a full weekend out of it including a final ride on the RS125. The weather was beautiful as always so we rode to Deus ex Machina in Venice to check out the customs bikes and grab lunch.

RS125 and Ari's cross country Harley Parked @ Deus
Along with the awesome coffee and veggie breakfast burrito there were cool custom motorcycle creations littering the cafe and shop. 

Unfortunately the custom builder shop out back was closed, but I will be back for that!

All in the Details

The 959 Corse is a beautiful machine, but it needed a little detail to bring it to full beauty. Since setting up shop at Auto Body Detail Specialist and Trustworthy Motors, I have access to detail experts and tools so the Corse was the first of the Jenius bikes to take advantage. The New Ducati Performance rear stand kit saw it's first use and held the Panigale super steady while also enabling us to roll the bike around while on the stand.

Tools of the trade in action.
Detailing on hands and knees isn't ideal so I took him to harbor freight after this to pickup a lift. You will see this in future updates as this is what I will also be using to work on bikes at the shop.

After the detail it was time for details like this stuck on reflector hiding the beauty of the Öhlins front forks. A little heat gun and they came off easy enough.

Heat gun to remove reflector
Ohlins beauty revealed sans reflectors

After the detail I also noticed the stained stainless steel header pipes. I was going to clean these up with bartenders friend, but I'm thinking to remove them and ceramic coat black to keep them looking sweet for the long term.

Black ceramic will look nice against the black panel
This isn't that visable, but could also benefit from black ceramic coating.