Ducati Performance Stand

The latest addition to the stable is going to get the full detail, Xpel PPF treatment, and possibly ceramic coating the header pipes so I needed to add some spools for a rear stand. Since my friend works nearby at the local Ducati dealer, Munroe, I stopped by to explore options. While looking through the inventory system for 6mm spools he happened  across a Ducati Performance rear stand set. The computer showed they had a couple in stock, so even though it was a little pricey, I decided to help them clear it out of their attic. This will help us get all the little projects completed that little bit easier!

Came in a neat Package!
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Kit includes sweet Black anodized "Ducati" 6mm spools.
The stand utilizes rollerblade wheels and bearings for smooth and stable lifting.
All put together and put to use!