Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Coastal Adventure

It's that time of year when I usually go on an adventure so when MotoQuest sent me an amazing deal it was time to ride! My best bud Ari was also itching for an adventure and the scheduling worked out for the same week as his birthday so he was in! Since we've ridden together on a handful of long rides, including a 6 week journey around the entire country, we are familiar with what's needed to properly enjoy the trip. The plan was fly down to LAX, Uber to Long Beach for breakfast at Berlin Bistro with Ari, then we Uber to MotoQuest Long Beach to pickup our bikes and start our journey North. 

Installed Cardo so we can communicate
Cardo action for tunes and communication
New Velomacchi Bag fits all my gear!
Face covering required at SFO

Arriving at MotoQuest around noon the staff were really helpful in setting up the bikes with us and giving a rundown of everything. We were surprised to find that the BMW F850 GS Rallye's slated for our ride were brand new with only 4 miles on the ODO! We have never owned a BMW motorcycle to this point so this would be a great introduction to BMW Motorrad. I was able to leave the panniers behind as I didn't need them with my Velomacchi holding all my gear and I like the slimmer profile. 

Brand new BMW for the win!

All loaded up and ready to leave.

We left Long Beach and headed up Highway 1 north taking in the beauty of the So Cal coastline on our way to a friends ranch in Templeton. The ranch is beautiful and the stop came in perfect time for a break from riding. Unfortunately we couldn't spend as much time there as we would've liked since we still had quite a few miles left to ride.

Iron horses at the ranch.

Catching up at the ranch

After leaving the ranch it was a mad dash to our friends place in Gilroy for dinner and rest. We made just as the sunlight was fading into the distance and the temperature was starting to drop. The next morning our host hooked us up with breakfast burritos and led us on an awesome ride from Gilroy to San Francisco.

Donut stop in Half Moon Bay

Three Amigos riding for the day

We made a quick stop at Cycle Gear in San Francisco to buy a couple cramp busters, as the BMW's lacked cruise control, before continuing north up the coast. The ride from San Francisco up the coast has some of the most scenic and great riding roads in America and we enjoyed every bit of it!

We made it all the way to Redway, California before calling it a day after some of the best twisty roads you can ride anywhere in the United States. The section of highway 1 that turns inland to meet with 101 ending in Legget is one of the most fun twisty sections of the trip and there was almost zero traffic. Unfortunately for us the only motel available was pretty sketchy and even left us without hot water the next morning for cold showers!

Breakfast in Redway

After a hearty breakfast we headed to the giant redwoods scenic highway to take in the beauty and splendor of the giant redwoods. We rode most of the scenic route along side 101 taking in the sights and stopping for pictures.

After enjoying the giant redwoods it was more Northern California coastal beauty on our way to Portland.

Since we had a long day own the saddle to Portland, we decided to splurge on a nice place to stay and book a room at the Jupiter Hotel. The room was plush, had hot water, and was in a nice location near restaurants and shops. 

Nice view from the room @ Jupiter Hotel

After checking in and unloading the bikes it was time to celebrate the trip and Ari's birthday with a nice dinner. Luckily there was a great sushi restaurant that harkened back to a time before covid, where one could eat fresh sushi in a restaurant, have a beer, and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Yes, Grand Opening during Covid

The next day we explored Portland a little before dropping off our bikes at MotoQuest Portland and catching our flights back home. Until the next adventure.....................................

Beautiful Portland weather
MotoQuest Portland

Thursday, July 2, 2020

2011 KLR650 "tractor" Service

This tractor has covered just over 17k miles and was in need of a detail and service. After a nice degreasing and shine, it looked nice and was ready for servicing.

Air filter looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a while so it was cleaned, dried and re oiled for a few thousand more miles of fun!

Oil and filter were changed using all Kawasaki items

While the oil was drained I too the time to inspect the doohickey for proper function. It was loose, but still in working condition so I adjusted the tension. This is a 2011 so the OEM doohickey should be good for another 12k miles or so.

Chain was cleaned, adjusted, and lubed concluding the service for this tractor. It's ready for miles of adventures!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

FTR Service

Finally put enough miles on my FTR 1200 to warrant the first service. Indian sells a really convenient oil change kit that includes everything you need to complete the change. 

After the oil change it was time to adjust, clean and lube the chain. to make this easier I wanted to add some spools to the existing 8mm holes and found these great, made in the USA, Pitbull 8mm spools at my local motorcycle shop SF Moto.

These fit the bike perfectly and I love the simple minimalist design.

With the spools installed I could adjust and align the chain.

After adjusting, a quick clean and lube finished the job.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

FTR 1200 S Puig Windshield

The Indian FTR is so much fun to rip up the streets and mountain roads, however the highway isn't as pleasant at maintained high speeds. At highway speeds the combined wind directly on the chest and torque from the motor creates a feeling of "holding on for dear life" at times on the highway. I wanted to change that so I searched all over, looking at all the options for wind management and couldn't find a better combination of value, aesthetics, and perceived performance than the Puig windshield. Unfortunately even though Puig has a few dealers in the US none of them carried this item. I ended up ordering from the motorcycle performance store in Europe. 

Windshield came assembled.

Easy two bolt install

Jenius mounting solution!

With the easy install done on the windshield I spent a few minutes cleaning up the header pipes.