2019 Honda CB300R

2019 Honda CB300R has been added to the stable. This is the perfect lightweight city bike! It has a cool "Neo-Cafe" style to it and lots of nice pieces like ABS, USD Showa forks, LCD dash, and LED lighting. Great bang for the buck and a definite Jenius Bike!

Latest Aprilia

The latest pickup is this 1900 mile Aprilia RS50. It will need a good going through before it's back on the road.

Ridin Weather

Beautiful Day to ride yesterday so I pulled out a couple Jeniusbikes to ride. Rode the FTR1200 about 50 miles today and my Aprilia RS50 TT about 10 miles. Going from the FTR to the RS50 back to back really made TT feel incredibly small and light. How did I ride this bike from SF to LA years ago?