FTR Ram and Ride

The first mod I do to all my personal bikes is to mount up a Quadlock for my iPhone. Indian sells a Ram with X-grip mount for the FTR 1200 but,  after my 6 week trip around America in 2018, I have learned that while the Ram mount system is great, the X-grip sux. Since finding and using the Quad Lock I haven't looked back. Perusing the pix for the Indian mount showed me that all I needed was a ball mount to fit under my mirror as a mounting point for my own combination system.

Slightly angled Ram ball mount from Amazon $12.99
Once the ball mount arrived from Amazon all I had to do was remove the mirror and fit the mount between the mirror and the mount. I had a quad lock and adapter from my Versys, that was sold earlier this year, and getting that all setup was literally seconds of work. 

Yea, I use plastic to preserve the black finish when using hand tools.
Not a great pic, but you get the drift.
After getting the Ram mount sorted it was time for a break in ride through some mountain roads to Alice's Restaurant and meet up with good friends! 

Parked at Alice's
Best buds' brand new Chieftain pulled up shortly after I arrived.