FTR Ram and Ride

The first mod I do to all my personal bikes is to mount up a Quadlock for my iPhone. Indian sells a Ram with X-grip mount for the FTR 1200 but,  after my 6 week trip around America in 2018, I have learned that while the Ram mount system is great, the X-grip sux. Since finding and using the Quad Lock I haven't looked back. Perusing the pix for the Indian mount showed me that all I needed was a ball mount to fit under my mirror as a mounting point for my own combination system.

Slightly angled Ram ball mount from Amazon $12.99
Once the ball mount arrived from Amazon all I had to do was remove the mirror and fit the mount between the mirror and the mount. I had a quad lock and adapter from my Versys, that was sold earlier this year, and getting that all setup was literally seconds of work. 

Yea, I use plastic to preserve the black finish when using hand tools.
Not a great pic, but you get the drift.
After getting the Ram mount sorted it was time for a break in ride through some mountain roads to Alice's Restaurant and meet up with good friends! 

Parked at Alice's
Best buds' brand new Chieftain pulled up shortly after I arrived.

Aprilia SR50 for Sale!

Just finished detailing this sweet Aprilia scoot and it's ready for a new owner. This is perfect cheap and economical city transportation. 
-Nearly New, only 125 miles
-Registered thru November 2020
-Carb Tuned @ Scuderia West 
-Battery only 1 yr old, starts up every time 
-Just Detailed
-14” wheels, helps smooth out the ride on bumpy city streets
-50cc 4v goes 45MPH, will leave Honda Ruckus and Metropolitan in the dust!
-100 MPG average!

Free SF delivery

FTR 1200S RR

This past weekend I helped a friend with the pickup/purchase a brand new 2019 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse and couldn't resist the allure of the FTR! We got a great deal on both bikes including a bunch of free stuff from the North County Indian dealership. I didn't intend to buy a bike on this trip but the closeout price I was given was just too good to pass up! I basically got the top spec 1200s race replica for less than the base model FTR. Throwing in the Indian Motorcycles helmet and delivery on top was icing on the cake! 

I rode lots of different bikes this year and the FTR was the most exciting street machine of them all. The attention to detail and quality on the build of the American made FTR rivals and surpasses any bike manufactured today. The race replica comes with an Indian red frame and swing-arm, fully adjustable front and rear suspension, and Akrapovic pipes. It's one of a kind style and 120hp make for a fun and unique street bike. I hope Indian will keep bringing great new bikes to market like this in the future!

Trying on the free helmet and Race Replica FTR

My new FTR 1200S Race Replica prepped for delivery
Just delivered and ready for it's first ride
Another beauty shot
First ride up PCH and back through the canyons with the new Dark Horse and the "Lap of America" Harley