Spark Ignites a Typhoon

Before taking the Typhoon on any kind of ride I wanted to get some routine maintenance done. First up was the spark plug. I know it’s not in the maintenance schedule to replace at only a little over 2,000 miles, but I wanted to check the brand and gap so I figured changing to a good plug with the right gap won’t hurt anything. 

Here are the new NGK CR8EB and the old Champion plug.

Info from the manual indicates the gap should be .6-.7mm gap.

Old Champion plug that was in there gapped way above .7mm!

Gapped the new plug to a little over .6mm and installed in the bike. Everything went smoothly until I accidentally dropped the spark plug socket into the plastic air flow cover! Took me over 15 minutes to fish it out of there.

On Target

After a wash, detail, and ride, it became apparent that “GO FAST” was not an appropriate sticker to have on the scoot 😆

After a few minutes with a heat gun and some plastic same solvent the excess stickers were gone. I like the cleaner look and decided to move on to the rear portion.

I like the theme, but think it’s just too much. So more heat gun and solvent to clean up the look.

With a nice clean look now! Next will be performing some routine maintenance and looking into a little carb tuning to help the performance. 


Today I picked up my first 4 stroke scooter, a 2012 Piaggio Typhoon. It’s a 125cc, air cooled, 2 valve, carbureted, CVT transmission’d, city assault scooter. The cool part about this scoot is the increased suspension travel and chunky tires which give it off-road capability, or in my case torn up, potholed city streets! It should be perfect for the streets of San Francisco and for me to further my 4 stroke mechanics skills.

After getting it home I gave it a wash and detail to get all dust off and get some protectant on the plastic bits.

No Pets allowed in the underseat storage!

Has California emissions sticker that shows a full evap system installed on the bike. Might need to look more into this.

Nice that it has preload adjustment on the rear shock. I’m gonna turn this a few notches as I read the manual states 70kg rider is default setting.