Dallas to Amarillo ended with steak dinner at the BIG TEXAN where you can have a 72oz steak free if you can eat it and all the sides in 60 minutes! We settled on the 1/4 size version

A “Biker gang” from Taiwan was eating next to us.

1/4 size version for us!

If you call them from your motel they will pick you up and drop you off in the Big Texan Limo 

After stuffing ourselves Ari noticed the oil light coming on intermittently so we planned for an oil change early the next morning before heading to New Mexico. I also opted for an oil change and chain adjustment at the local Honda dealer that had a few cool bikes on display 

NCXD fully loaded on the lift getting some love! Yes, I rode all the way around the country with a cardboard SFmoto plate!