Vegas to LA to SF

After a good nights sleep in Vegas we made the short trip back to Ari’s house in LA and our adventure was complete. 30 states, over 10,000 miles, and 6 weeks of living on the road was quite the adventure!

The next day I made the last 400 miles home to San Francisco solo.

New Mexico to Vegas

The longest riding day of our adventure came to just over 600 miles going from Albuquerque to Las Vegas.


The ride from Amarillo to Albuquerque ended with a special cocktail and authentic Tex Mex


Dallas to Amarillo ended with steak dinner at the BIG TEXAN where you can have a 72oz steak free if you can eat it and all the sides in 60 minutes! We settled on the 1/4 size version

A “Biker gang” from Taiwan was eating next to us.

1/4 size version for us!

If you call them from your motel they will pick you up and drop you off in the Big Texan Limo 

After stuffing ourselves Ari noticed the oil light coming on intermittently so we planned for an oil change early the next morning before heading to New Mexico. I also opted for an oil change and chain adjustment at the local Honda dealer that had a few cool bikes on display 

NCXD fully loaded on the lift getting some love! Yes, I rode all the way around the country with a cardboard SFmoto plate!


After Austin was the “short” trip to Dallas. Since we arrived early there was plenty of time for sight seeing.

First stop was Gas Monkey Garage where we not only got a peek at a few cool rides, but also met the star of the show!

After GMG was the Kennedy Assasination location.

X marks the spot on the roadway and in the distance you can see the window where the shots originated according to history. 

Following sightseeing there was a mad dash to get under cover from a huge storm! 


On the way to Austin we stopped at Buc-ees which was the most amazing gas station I’ve ever seen!

Yes, there are entirely too many pumps with entirely too many choices!

Inside is like a supermarket/Target

First stop in Austin after checking in was Franklins BBQ. Ari didn’t know, but I purposely chose the motel in Austin because it was walking distance to Franklins.

Made it just in time before they sold out!
Chill night out

Free breakfast at the motel before we left!
 Just as we were packing to leave this young lady pushes her Puch moped up to us asking for help. She was out of gas and late for work so Ari gave her a ride to work on the back of the Hog