New Jersey

After leaving New Hampshire, we made the 300 mile journey to New Jersey. It was a full day of riding thanks to ridiculous toll booths and traffic filled with the most aggressive drivers in the country.

 The toll booths had ticket dispensers that wouldn’t recognize that a vehicle was there with our motorcycles so it wouldn’t give us a ticket. This created a frustrating situation everytime we exited as we had to explain to the toll taker that we couldn’t get a ticket and they would try to charge us full rate. 

The traffic was extreme with the last 60 mile stretch taking us 2 hours to complete!

It was great seeing Nicole, Mark, Ava, Jordan, Leon, and Regina! Thank you so much for hosting us! 

After a fresh bagel breakfast we loaded up and headed for Camden, NJ to eat the best cheesesteak in New Jersey at Donkey’s Bar. 

Spicy pickle was tasty! 


The good stuff! 

It was a great sandwich, but we would be crossing the bridge to Philly, how would it fair against Pat’s or Gino’s Philly style cheesesteak?!