Yesterday we visited Boston before heading to New Hampshire and meeting up with Trevor. 

First the good. Brown butter lobster roll at Eventide Fenway was amazing! The Lobster was tender and the steamed bao style bun soaked up all the brown butter flavor. What were we eating before this, they couldn’t have been real lobster rolls.

Just down the street we visited Fenway park and did the tour. It was cool to see the oldest ballpark in America.

100 year old seats still in use today!

Rooftop farm which produces food they use in their high end dishes at the park!

Downtown Boston view behind Fenway!

Now the bad. We tried to stop by Sam Adams brewery for a tour and a drink, but that didn’t happen. Although everyone warned us about the traffic, we were not prepared for the war torn streets nor the “Massholes” who drive on them. It appears that none of the vehicles in Boston come equipped with turn signals and nobody uses their mirrors. This combined for the worst 3 mile 25 minute ride of the trip. Once we arrived at the brewery the tours had just ended at 3pm for the day and getting a fresh draft beer was darn near impossible since there were only two blind bartenders attempting to serve fifty patrons. We ended up walking out since the other two employees and the manager who were standing around doing nothing were not interested in helping us.