Jack Daniels

On the way to Nashville we made a small detour to Lynchburg for a tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery. 
Statue of Jack Daniels in front of the natural spring where all the water for Jack Daniels originates. 
The original headquaters building
The first Distillery 

Sneak peak inside the barrel room.
The grand finale, tasting!


First stop in Atlanta was Ponce City Market to get lunch.

After lunch we payed respect to MLK.

After lunch we met up with the EMC for a dirty dirty at Pappadeaux

Our first taste of aligator.
 Crawfish Bisque.
Thanks Kev for hosting us in Atlanta! It was great to catch up!

Taming the Dragon

The next morning it’s back to Waffle House to try their waffles!
Can’t really finish all this but we really need the calories for a big ride.

Overlooking the smokey moutains

The Dragon was awesome!


After a bit of a ride to Roanoke, Virginia we had our first Waffle House experience for dinner. 
Steak and Eggs! 

After dinner we hit Blue Cow for some Ice Cream


After our Cheesesteak day, we ended up in Baltimore for the night. The next day we made the short trip down to our nations capitol for some sightseeing.

While in DC we traded our big bikes for Lime bikes to make the adventure a little more fun and easy.

After sightseeing it was time for lunch!

Brotherly Love

After escaping Jersey we crossed the bridge to Philly.
Liberty Bell

Found street parking right across the street from congress hall, where we jumped into a tour in progress.

After the history lesson it was time to compare Geno’s and Pat’s cheese steak to Donkey’s

Found street parking in cheesesteak triangle.

.Geno’s was my favorite cheesesteak, although all three we ate were delicious!

New Jersey

After leaving New Hampshire, we made the 300 mile journey to New Jersey. It was a full day of riding thanks to ridiculous toll booths and traffic filled with the most aggressive drivers in the country.

 The toll booths had ticket dispensers that wouldn’t recognize that a vehicle was there with our motorcycles so it wouldn’t give us a ticket. This created a frustrating situation everytime we exited as we had to explain to the toll taker that we couldn’t get a ticket and they would try to charge us full rate. 

The traffic was extreme with the last 60 mile stretch taking us 2 hours to complete!

It was great seeing Nicole, Mark, Ava, Jordan, Leon, and Regina! Thank you so much for hosting us! 

After a fresh bagel breakfast we loaded up and headed for Camden, NJ to eat the best cheesesteak in New Jersey at Donkey’s Bar. 

Spicy pickle was tasty! 


The good stuff! 

It was a great sandwich, but we would be crossing the bridge to Philly, how would it fair against Pat’s or Gino’s Philly style cheesesteak?!

Farewell New Hampshire

Our last night in New Hampshire we went for Ice cream with the entire Parscal Family! They were so much fun to stay with and we really appreciate their hospitality. Their home is amazing with the chickens, bees, and the pet bear! Thank you Trevor, Melissa, Cadence, Aurora, and Blaise! 

The ice cream was fantastic!
Loading up to leave. 
 The Bats with the bikes
 Filling up before we depart at a really old school “Service station” where you actually fill your gas tank first and then go inside to pay. When was the last time you did that?!

Portland Maine

Today we made it to the half way point of our trip Portland, Maine.

Our first stop in Maine was Bob’s Clam Hut. This place popped up on our radar thanks to a Tastytrade cherry bomb email a couple of days ago. For those unfamiliar, these are daily emails sent to subscribers with options trading information and have never had a food reccomendation, let alone one in the direction we were headed.

The clam strips, clam cake, and clam chowder were really tasty! 

After stuffing ourselves with clams we headed to the eastern most point on our trip Portland, Maine. The 17th state visited so far marked the half-way point of our journey and makes nearly 5,000 miles traveled. 

From this point on we embark on our long journey home.

As you can see in the pictures the weather in the northeast is ever changing and we had to manage our route and timing today to avoid the rain. Luckily Ari or “The Doppler Whisperer” has perfected his scanning of weather reports and we were able to adjust our route and stay on track with time to avoid all the wet weather around the area. 


Yesterday we visited Boston before heading to New Hampshire and meeting up with Trevor. 

First the good. Brown butter lobster roll at Eventide Fenway was amazing! The Lobster was tender and the steamed bao style bun soaked up all the brown butter flavor. What were we eating before this, they couldn’t have been real lobster rolls.

Just down the street we visited Fenway park and did the tour. It was cool to see the oldest ballpark in America.

100 year old seats still in use today!

Rooftop farm which produces food they use in their high end dishes at the park!

Downtown Boston view behind Fenway!

Now the bad. We tried to stop by Sam Adams brewery for a tour and a drink, but that didn’t happen. Although everyone warned us about the traffic, we were not prepared for the war torn streets nor the “Massholes” who drive on them. It appears that none of the vehicles in Boston come equipped with turn signals and nobody uses their mirrors. This combined for the worst 3 mile 25 minute ride of the trip. Once we arrived at the brewery the tours had just ended at 3pm for the day and getting a fresh draft beer was darn near impossible since there were only two blind bartenders attempting to serve fifty patrons. We ended up walking out since the other two employees and the manager who were standing around doing nothing were not interested in helping us.