The Jenius Buy of Motorcycles!

While searching for a motorcycle to ride cross country I came across and purchased the best bang for the buck available in the motorcycling world! 

The Honda NC700X DCT

Here's five reasons why its Jenius 

  1. The most efficient full size adventure motorcycle available. 60-70 MPG is the norm for the NCXD. 
  2. The most advanced transmission. The DCT in this bike is the best transmission available in any motorcycle today. I like to think of myself as a motorcycle purist of sorts, but there is no  denying that the DCT is the future of motorcycling. All you have to do is look back a decade at performance cars to see this. Performance car enthusiasts, including myself, shared initial disdain for the DCT. Fast-forward a decade and now a majority of performance cars come equipped with the DCT and many enthusiasts choose it over the manual because it beats the manual in every performance category there is.
  3. The Jenius Frunk makes use of the unique engine design and smaller tank afforded by the high MPG. It fits a full size helmet, has a tool kit, 12v outlet, and owners manual all tucked neatly inside! 
  4. Cheap entry price of around $4k on the used market is ridiculous. You get half the performance of their larger DCT bikes for only a fraction of the price! 
  5. Honda Reliability......Nuff Said!