After stuffing our faces with the best brisket I’ve ever had we headed to AF-1 which is an Aprilia dealership that has supported our little RS50 motorcycles with parts for 15 years +

Steve @ AF-1 gave us a cool tour of the new facility starting with his super sweet Aprilia RS125 GP bike.

In the shop they were working on a really nice Aprilia RS250 cup bike.

The Aprilia RS50 up on the top shelf was a testbed for some of the first performance parts available for the RS50’s
Dyno Area

Ari managed to muster a smile after picking up the Hog


After fleeing New Orleans with Gordon hot on our heels, we managed to make it to Houston relatively dry. Ari found some cheap $15 Tix to the Houston Astros game at Minute Maid Field so we decided to check it out.
Dinner nearby the stadium, Pizza and Salmon Salad
A view inside the park from our awesome $15 seats!
My first Shake Shack experience was a 1020 calorie astro blast at the park.
View from above the bullpen

New Orleans

Took the long weekend off from riding after arriving in New Orleans.


Le Pig Mac


We spent a night in Memphis enjoying BBQ and local Jazz.

First up we ate at Rendezvous
BBQ is a little different as its finished with a dry rub instead of sauce.
Beale st for some live Jazz


Our one night in Nashville, Tennessee was a lot of fun!
We hit Broadway for some food, drinks, and honky tonk action starting at the Honky Tonk Grill.

The fried bologna sandwich was delicious!

Drinks at AJ’s Good Time Bar

Finished the night with a breakfast sandwich made using crispy creme doughnuts!

Jack Daniels

On the way to Nashville we made a small detour to Lynchburg for a tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery. 
Statue of Jack Daniels in front of the natural spring where all the water for Jack Daniels originates. 
The original headquaters building
The first Distillery 

Sneak peak inside the barrel room.
The grand finale, tasting!


First stop in Atlanta was Ponce City Market to get lunch.

After lunch we payed respect to MLK.

After lunch we met up with the EMC for a dirty dirty at Pappadeaux

Our first taste of aligator.
 Crawfish Bisque.
Thanks Kev for hosting us in Atlanta! It was great to catch up!

Taming the Dragon

The next morning it’s back to Waffle House to try their waffles!
Can’t really finish all this but we really need the calories for a big ride.

Overlooking the smokey moutains

The Dragon was awesome!


After a bit of a ride to Roanoke, Virginia we had our first Waffle House experience for dinner. 
Steak and Eggs! 

After dinner we hit Blue Cow for some Ice Cream


After our Cheesesteak day, we ended up in Baltimore for the night. The next day we made the short trip down to our nations capitol for some sightseeing.

While in DC we traded our big bikes for Lime bikes to make the adventure a little more fun and easy.

After sightseeing it was time for lunch!