Thursday, July 2, 2020

2011 KLR650 "tractor" Service

This tractor has covered just over 17k miles and was in need of a detail and service. After a nice degreasing and shine, it looked nice and was ready for servicing.

Air filter looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a while so it was cleaned, dried and re oiled for a few thousand more miles of fun!

Oil and filter were changed using all Kawasaki items

While the oil was drained I too the time to inspect the doohickey for proper function. It was loose, but still in working condition so I adjusted the tension. This is a 2011 so the OEM doohickey should be good for another 12k miles or so.

Chain was cleaned, adjusted, and lubed concluding the service for this tractor. It's ready for miles of adventures!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

FTR Service

Finally put enough miles on my FTR 1200 to warrant the first service. Indian sells a really convenient oil change kit that includes everything you need to complete the change. 

After the oil change it was time to adjust, clean and lube the chain. to make this easier I wanted to add some spools to the existing 8mm holes and found these great, made in the USA, Pitbull 8mm spools at my local motorcycle shop SF Moto.

These fit the bike perfectly and I love the simple minimalist design.

With the spools installed I could adjust and align the chain.

After adjusting, a quick clean and lube finished the job.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

FTR 1200 S Puig Windshield

The Indian FTR is so much fun to rip up the streets and mountain roads, however the highway isn't as pleasant at maintained high speeds. At highway speeds the combined wind directly on the chest and torque from the motor creates a feeling of "holding on for dear life" at times on the highway. I wanted to change that so I searched all over, looking at all the options for wind management and couldn't find a better combination of value, aesthetics, and perceived performance than the Puig windshield. Unfortunately even though Puig has a few dealers in the US none of them carried this item. I ended up ordering from the motorcycle performance store in Europe. 

Windshield came assembled.

Easy two bolt install

Jenius mounting solution!

With the easy install done on the windshield I spent a few minutes cleaning up the header pipes.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Ducati Sport Classic 1000s

For quite a few years I have had my eye on the timeless Ducati Sport Classic, or "SC" line of bikes released in the mid 2000's. The GT version was always affordable and still is, however the styling just didn't do it for me. At the other end of the spectrum the Paul Smart and first year monoposto SC's were just too high a price to justify for what you get. I therefore focussed on finding a "regular" SC 1000 which still seemed to trade at the $12-$15k price range so I had to wait for the right time and place to find a good deal. Another important aspect to finding the right SC was one that I could ride without worry of "ruining" the beautiful machine by using it for its intended purpose of riding it. I still can't understand so called collectors who buy motor vehicles without ever enjoying them in the manner they were intended. With all this in mind I think I found the Jenius buy of SC's!

SC1000s as it sat when I arrived for purchase
The Jenius buy Ducati SC now in my stable was purchased on eBay by pure luck of the draw. While I hadn't ever bought a vehicle on eBay I do peruse eBay listings frequently to keep tabs on values, market trends, and look for rare parts so this locally listed SC 1000s caught my eye, but I didn't foresee it going cheap enough to justify me bidding so I added it to my watch list. Just before the listing was due to end we had shelter in place initiated in San Francisco and bidding was light so I thought it was worth a shot at winning the auction. I entered my max bid with 20 seconds left and was shocked to see I had won the auction! 

The SC as it arrived at the shop
After completing the sale in person and getting the bike back to the shop I gave it a degrease/detail and inspected the bike's condition. It's been ridden with 20k miles, but it's still in great shape and has been well maintained. It also has quite a few upgrades already done so I won't be too tempted to blow a bunch of money on it, I can just ride and maintain. To me this is the perfect SC as it has the timeless classic look, is an S model so it has a Paul Smart fairing, and I won't feel bad about putting a few more miles on it!

LED Strip is a nice upgrade
All cleaned up and inspected
Placed in the showroom next to it's uncle Ferrari

Monday, May 4, 2020

Custom Versys 650 Service and Repair

This 2017 Kawasaki Versys 650, a previous Jenius Bike, with custom wrap color scheme found it's way into the shop for a little TLC. The new owner had a small tip over which managed to crack the side fairing and cause a few scratches so he brought it by for repairs. 

This era Versys is one of the best bang for buck middleweight bikes out there. It's upright riding position, easy adjust windscreen, and adjust on the fly rear shock make this a great daily riding machine. The smooth 650 twin, adjustable suspension, and sport rubber enables fun through the twisties.

Sweet "BMW look" wrap
Close up of the damaged side fairing.

New panel installed and color matched
Re-wrapped the trim on the OEM Givi Bag & touched up the scrapes.
After the repairs were done, the Covid-19 hit, so the owner decided to have it serviced and detailed while it's sitting in the shop awaiting his retrieval.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Rare 2004 MV Agusta SPR F4 750

During my usual daily search I happened across a really rare MV Agusta SPR for sale that was only about 20 minutes away. These bikes were north of $20k back in 2004 money! Another cool fact is that a couple of the 300 made were used for the filming of the blockbuster movie iRobot staring Will Smith racing around on the SPR sometime in the future......Needless to say I picked it up right away and boy am I impressed! 

The SPR version of the F4 were limited to only 300 bikes, but in reality all the MV Agusta bikes of this era were limited production. What makes this model special besides the number is it's purposeful build tailored for track performance. This is basically a race bike with mirrors and lights to make it streetable. It weighs in at only about 400 lbs and has about 150hp making the SPR still relevant performance wise over 15 years later.

My plans for this beautiful machine will be to detail and service the bike and then enjoy the ride!

Loaded up in the JeniusBiker van!
SPR startup sequence
Stock trumpet pipes made by Arrow!
A whole lot crammed in there!